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Photo Journalism for Link Building

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Photo Journalism as an Inexpensive Link-Building Tool

When I evaluate a method of link-building, I consider cost per link to be an important metric. While I realize that cost per link is limited in that it assumes all links are equal, I think it’s good to consider cost per link when forming a long-term SEO strategy and suggesting a client budget.

When I first considered hiring a photographer to help me create link-worthy content, my initial instinct was that the cost per link would be significantly higher than other forms of link building. However, when I compared the cost per link of photo coverage to a more mainstream link-building tactic like guest blog posting, I found the results to be favorable.

Hiring a photographer to cover that car show cost a little less than $200, with another three hours of  time to needed to organize the images, write the post, etc. If we assume writing a post and organizing photos has a cost of $75 per hour, and if we assume that we received only six good quality links, the total cost per link was just about $70.

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