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Vision for the Future of News

John Temple has a good write-up mentioning two pieces about the future of news. (Hat tip to Journerdism)

First up is: The Data That Turns Browsing to Buying at the NY Times.

As it has quietly expanded, Next Jump has been gathering data, and not only from companies and customers. It also gets credit-card transaction data from American Express and MasterCard. This vast trove — accumulated over years — is the company’s most precious asset, analysts say.

Next Jump analyzes that data to draw inferences about what a person would be likely to buy, and at what price. Its network also includes 28,000 retailers who can specify the characteristics of customers — age, location, income, for example — that they are most interested in luring with certain products.

It still seems newspapers don’t have a source of information like this.

The second piece is Daily Mirror’s Matt Kelly: put SEO in its place by Robert Andrews at PaidContent/Guardian. Basically, it says to put journalism before SEO. Do big media companies even know what they’re doing with SEO? (Remember  All the topics you love, in a heartbeat Dead?

Maybe I missed the formal announcement, but it appears to be pretty much dead. (Aaron Wall over at SEO Book had some information on this in a comment recently – saying why their model didn’t work while other models similar have…)

Ah, but the meat maybe is that journalism should come first…

But if you’re starting out with nothing should you make money to make journalism or make journalism to make money?


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