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Google + iPad = Mobile Advertising Boom in 2010?

hero_20100127v (Mobile)Google + iPad = Mobile Advertising Boom in 2010?

by Jason Hahn

If you yawn when you read another headline about mobile advertising and its ever-pending explosion, you’re surely not alone. It seems that year after year, experts are touting the mobile platform as the next big thing that needs to be on top of every marketer’s mind. This year is no different, but there are a few indications that 2010 might actually be the stage for mobile advertising’s coming out party.

The benefits of mobile ads are obvious: ease of tracking a user’s location, a booming user base and all the advantages of traditional online ads among them.

Millennial Media expects the mobile Web audience in the U.S. to reach 100 million unique users in 2010, which is equal to about half of the total Web audience. To add to the fire, Mary Meeker, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, forecasts that the Web will be accessed by more users via mobile devices than PCs in five years.

Still, less than one-third of one percent of total worldwide ad revenue, or $1.4 billion, was spent on mobile advertising in 2009, according to Juniper Research.

Source: DM Confidential

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